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My Sustainable Lifestyle: the journey so far...

My Sustainable Lifestyle: the journey so far...

Vanessa Vrolijk |

Hi & welcome to My Sustainable Lifestyle where we will help you create your own!

 My name is Vanessa and I just opened the doors to My Sustainable Lifestyle officially on October 28th 2023.  My Sustainable Lifestyle is the result of Caribbean Organic Beauty, a small (micro?) wholesaler of sustainable lifestyle products and clean skincare & beauty I started back in 2018.

As a student in the Netherlands, many years ago I started gravitating towards a more sustainable lifestyle after reading reports on how many harmful stuff kept being added to everyday products. Also the amount of trash generated by single use items started to worry me. Especially once I had kids these issues became a concern for me. Fast forward to 2018, after a friend heard me complaining about having to order these items online, they suggested I start my own business and I thought “why the heck not?”

Since then we have been trying to procure the best quality products we could find. To me the company making the products is as important to me as the products themselves, I believe sustainability is noy only at the end but starts with the people behind it, the sourcing as well as the practices in and around. However, since nothing is ever perfect, I try and to keep things in balance and not freak out every time I make a mistake regarding the choices I make everyday. Another requirement I have is to offer these products at the best and fairest pricing we could, which is one of my main goals since I started the business.

So finally in 2023 I had to decide whether and how I would continue with Caribbean Organic Beauty and the answer was a storefront where we could show every product available from Caribbean Organic Beauty and also test new products and have some face to face with our customers. This was the beginning of My Sustainable Lifestyle, a concept store by Caribbean Organic Beauty.

I do believe everybody can make a positive impact, no matter how small and that is how we can start, just one small change and together over time it will overwhelm to world!


I was born and raised in Curacao and have lived almost 17 years abroad in both the US and the Netherlands. I am also a wife & mom to two (almost) teenage boys. I love to cook and read whenever I have a minute. Come on by and say “Kontá”, mi ta wardá bo!