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April Earth Month: Earth Day event, Tips for a Sustainable Lifestyle & more...

April Earth Month: Earth Day event, Tips for a Sustainable Lifestyle & more...

Vanessa Vrolijk |

As we step into the (already!) 4th month of this year, I am thrilled to invite you to join me in celebrating one of my favorite days of the year: Earth Day on the 22nd of April! Read on for what we have planned this Earth Month!
In this month's newsletter, we are placing special focus on Earth Day by providing you with practical tips, sustainable solutions, and products to help you embrace a more earth-friendly lifestyle. 
We have a couple of events this month and even a New Branddropping the end of this month. The official launch party will be May 2nd. Check out our events schedule below for all the deets.
See you soon!
Throughout the entire month of April, for every purchase you make at My Sustainable Lifestyle store (online & offline), 1 Naf. will be donated to the GreenKidz Foundation's Book project.
An easy everyday swap, with a big impact on the environment, is using Bee's Wraps for storing your fruits, veggies and snacks instead of single use plastic (wrap)
The anti-bacterial properties of Beeswax will keep an Avocado spot-less as well as your fruits, veggies & herbs fresh. Use them on the go as sandwich wraps of to hold snacks or buy local fruits & veggies at the Supermarket instead of plastic baggies.
Wrap, rinse & reuse, it doesn’t get easier than that! 
Available in different sizes, perfect for every need!
I don't know about you, but doing Laundry? Not my favorite thing to do. However, we have to.
In comes Meliora, a non toxic laundry detergent that cleans effectively.
No synthetic fragrances and no known harmful chemicals (click here for the full list), so it's safe to use for sensitive skins, babies & children.
Also, packaged in recyclable materials: best of both worlds!
Best Sustainable Practices for everyday
Reduce: Reduce your use of single use anything, but also reduce throwing out what you have no use for anymore. Gift it, swap it or upcycle it.
Reuse: Always opt for the reusable version of an item like bags, straws, utensils, cups, storage etc. carry them in your car or bag so you always have them on hand. Create that habit!
Recycle: If possible, recycle. But beware, not everything can be recycled and things like bottles etc. need to be cleaned otherwise they will still end up in the trash/landfill.
Choose eco-friendly products: Opt for products made from sustainable materials, such as bamboo, recycled paper, and organic cotton, and avoid items with excessive packaging or plastics.
Reduce paper waste: Use digital alternatives whenever possible, such as electronic invoices and receipts, and print documents only when necessary, opting for double-sided printing.
Educate and advocate: Spread awareness about environmental issues and encourage others to adopt sustainable habits, and advocate for policies and initiatives that protect the planet for future generations.