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Some Exciting News!

Some Exciting News!

Vanessa Vrolijk |


Have you heard the latest news? The Parliament of Curaçao has unanimously & officially accepted the new law banning single use plastic, the so called "Lei di Plèstik" We are beyond excited about this huge step we are taking as community. We are hugely proud now that Curaçao has also taken this important step towards a sustainable future for all of us on Dushi Kòrsou. Congratulations to all who worked so hard to make this possible.

This newsletter is all about making choices that empower both ourselves as women and our Mother Earth, in honor of Women's day celebrated on March 8th. We’ve highlighted some of our best in Beauty and we also share some sustainable buying tips & a yummy DIY skincare tip! Keep reading and here’s to you & your sustainable beauty journey!

Love, Vanessa

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Sustainable Beauty Highlights

Meet the Tinted Dews by Axiology

This new formulation by Axiology is so dewy, so smooth and so clean! No plastic packaging, so no nasty microplastics in these beauties!

Compared to the regular Balmies, these are sheer a have a subtle sheen. Available in several hues, all flattering!

Mascara like no other by Izzy Beauty

This mascara is just Bomb! Don't just take our word for it, look them up online and the come check them out to see what all the fuss is about. Three words: Clean, Smudgeproof & Gorgeous

Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum spf30 by Unsun

Unsun Beauty's sunscreens have quietly been building a cult following with their OG flagship product: Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum spf30

This emmolient sunscreen not only protects your skin, without harmful ingredients, but is so freaking gorgeous on the skin. All of the Glow, all of the protection. Now also available in Matte versions.

Sustainable Beauty Pro Tips

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